SENIOR Broadway Musical Theatre - *EARLY BIRD* SPRING Session 2020

  • Spring
  • Thursday
  • Studio 2
  • Broadway Theatre, Classical Jazz, Conditioning, Jazz, Musical Theater, Tap Dance, Technical Focus
  • Ms. Mellissa
  • Musical Theatre/Broadway Jazz
  • Apr 2, 2020
  • Jun 18, 2020
  • $440.00
  • 11 to 17
  • About the Class

    The *Early Bird Registration* excludes the Registration Fee applied to each session. The Recital* and costume fee is conveniently included in the SPRING Tuition. *The Academy is closed during April Vacation. This class is invited to perform in our 18th Annual Recital, "The JOY Of Dance!", near the end of our Spring Session, on Sunday, June 7th, 2020 at the BU Theatre, Boston. ***Please see our "Calendar of Events" for all rehearsals and "SAVE THE DATES!"** This class includes Broadway Jazz, Classical Jazz & Tap. During Winter Session, a musical number is added with live singing rehearsals and movement gradually added- in. Students work throughout the Dance Year on presenting 3 Dance/ Production pieces for our Annual Recital in June 2020. FALL Session Focus: Building basic Tap skills, introduce Classical & Broadway Jazz movements, technical drills and choreography toward a Broadway Jazz piece and a Broadway Tap piece. Students work on vocalization to a song(s) of their choice. WINTER Session Focus: Choose song and rehearse for Recording at Zippah Recording Studio in the Spring Session. Continue to build a Jazz & Tap technical base while increasing the level of difficulty in choreography. Students begin discussing themes, costumes, etc. SPRING Session Focus: Finishing/ polishing basic Tap skills, adding props to Broadway dance piece, continue working on vocalization of featured song- prepare to sing in recording studio in Spring Session. Students perform in our Annual June Recital and sing live over their recorded voices- always a crowd-pleaser! Students receive their own copy of the vocal CD to keep. *Students are scheduled to attend a special recording session, May 2020 at ZIPPAH Recording, located in our building, to record 2 songs for our June Recital. Each student receives their own CD copy to keep. What a memory!
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