Breakin' & StreetDance III -SPRING Session

  • Spring
  • Friday
  • Studio 1
  • Break Dancing, Hip Hop, Street Dance, StreetDance Skillz
  • Mr. Mac
  • Street Dance
  • Apr 7, 2017
  • Jun 23, 2017
  • $356.00
  • 10 to 18
  • About the Class

    During the SPRING Session, there is NO CHARGE for April Vacation. SPRING Tuition includes a modest Recital fee and Performance costume payment. This class is invited to perform at our special Anniversary 15th Annual Recital, "A Year of Dance!" Sunday, June 11th @ BU Dance Theatre. FALL Tuition included a $25 Registration fee that covers the entire 2015-2016 Dance Year. *This class is invited to perform at our Special 15th Anniversary Recital, "Forgive...Again!" Sunday, June 11th @ BU Dance Theatre.* Prior experience in Street, Hip-Hop or Breakin' is required to take this class. Mr. Mac will focus on the many aspects of Street Dance including ticking, popping, waving, strobing including the isolation of the body and much more. The moves and forms of Breakdance are added with an emphasis on form and safety. Dancers use leverage and body/ hand placement to work on all tricks, plants, freezes, power moves and more. This class is perfect on its own or paired with any of our Street Dance, Hip-Hop or Breakin' Classes.
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